Emergency Orders

SITUATION: A customer's unit is down. You need a repair part, but it is after normal business hours, a weekday or a holiday. What can you do?

We have good news for you and your customer! KONE Spares offers after hours Emergency Elevator and Escalator Parts Service!

Working Hard to Deliver

We will work hard to deliver the elevator or escalator parts you need to get your customer up and running as quickly as possible.

Some restricting conditions are:

  • Part(s) needed should be stocked at KONE Spares
  • Part(s) should be of size and weight which allow personal handling (in other words, not requiring use of fork lift, or truck sized shipments)
  • Carrier constraint:
    • Saturday: Federal Express closes at 4 pm
    • Sunday: No carriers are taking packages on Sundays

To obtain emergency service:

  • Call Mike, our emergency responder, at 1-309-314-2124
    • Mike has keys to the warehouse, and is more than willing to help with small pak shipments in a genuine emergency.
    • Note that this is his cell phone. If you call at 3AM on a Saturday he may not wake up.
  • If Mike is unable to get back to you within 45 minutes, dial our Service Call Center at 1-877-276-8691
    • Advise the Call Center Agent that you have an emergency part need. Ask them to contact a KONE Spares salesperson.
    • Provide Call Center Agent with a call back number where you can be reached.
    • Someone at KONE Spares will then return your call, usually within 30 minutes, and do whatever we can to assist.



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